Friday, May 22, 2015

Class of 2015: Aaliyah and Jocelyn Last Day of Pre-School


Aaliyah and Jocelyn working on their cards for Miss Melissa and Miss Colleen the assistant pre-school teachers.




Dear Miss Katherine,

It is crazy to think that we met 3 years ago in September of 2012 when I first enrolled Ethan and Bennett in YMCA pre-school. Those pre-school drop offs still haunt me to this day. The girls would veer to the left, the boys would veer to the right. I would  just pray we could get to the pre-school room before losing a child. Then in Summer of 2013 the girls joined in on the fun. With several weeks of Summer Power, they were ready to join the class in September of 2013. You only had to survive a summer of very recent potty trained girls who took forever to figure out brown went in the toilet. You then took on the great task of all 4 PairSquared kids (Ethan, Bennett, Aaliyah, and Jocelyn) in one class together. Despite the sibling disputes you came out undefeated on another school year. We took the summer off what now seems like the best decision in order to let you recuperate and gain energy to take on Aaliyah and Jocelyn for 5 days a week from September 2014 to become your 2015 graduating class. You did it! I know this year was not an easy one and those girls really made us work hard. But having you on my side made it all the easier.

This might be one of the hardest end of the year good-byes I will have. I think pre-school teachers should know the impact they have on a family. It is our first introduction into school and parents have anxiety about their kids doing well, fitting in, and generally being an ok student. You always gave me a sense of security and I never once questioned your care. You have really grown in your role as a teacher over the past three years. Every year has been filled with additional creativity, academic development for the kids, and educational playing. Your expertise and skill set is so valuable and has not gone unnoticed. The last two things that made a difference was your patience and kindness. You get tested every day and when kids figured out how to push buttons you worked on redirecting them. You kind heart and love for your work makes you an exceptional teacher and friend.

I have some thoughts on how to remind yourself you are a pre-school teacher:

You know you're a pre-school teacher when...

  1. Most of your uniforms have paint stains

  2. You know glue is non-toxic

  3. You manage to not get lice even at the worst outbreak

  4. You keep broken crayons in the box to force kids to work on fine motor

  5. You sing songs in between every activity

  6. You think glitter is the best thing on the earth even though parents can’t get it out of their dryer lint traps

  7. You are willing to make a mess with kids so they can learn and use their senses

  8. You eat goldfish during the day because you actually like them

  9. You know how to trick kids into doing classwork by making it fun

  10. You know who Pete the Cat is

You will always be remembered as one of the most influential people in my kids lives. I hope you continue to strive for greatness in all you do.

Love, MJ and Family