Friday, March 27, 2015

Jane’s Jubilee 2015

This year’s journey brought the Souhrada women to Stewartville, MN. At this time, Grandma was still residing in Stewartville so we could easily transport her to and from her apartment for her comfort. We had recently visited the City of Stewartville for the Souhrada Gathering in February. How fortunate for Stewartville that I could grace them with my presance for a second time in one year.


Upon departure we were all charged with the task of “writing” a thank you to Grandma for another celebratory weekend with the family. What better way for me to “write” to grandma (and the world) by summarizing the weekend highlights on my personal blog.

Dear Grandma,


It goes without saying that you are hands down one of the most amazing women in my life. Your patience, kindness, and unconditional love are just a few of our stand out traits. I think I can speak for the ladies of The Souhrada that we are grateful you have been a solid beam in all our lives.

The Souhrada ladies weekend, better known as Jane’s Jubilee since the passing of your daughter, sister, and our Aunt, will always be remarked as one of my annual highlights. It tends to arrive at this pinnacle time in the winter when I feel like a need a get a way the most. Who better to “get away with” than my family.

As promised I will recall the highlights of the weekend for you. Some you will remember and others…well it is best that you probably did not participate in them.

Memory Making #1 – Oil Party

S. Souhrada brought her supply of young living essential oils for us to “make and take”. We made cold bomb roller balls, pain cream, and hand soap while we smelled the sweet scent of lavender and citrus from the diffuser. We were all scanned to locate the specific oils to support our needs. We won’t talk about what was recommended for me.  

Memory Making #2 – The FREE Garage Sale

CJ Lamon brought old boxes of “stuff” to give away to her fellow family members. Stuffed away in the boxes were pictures of weddings for us to remember and embarrassing letters and cards that we didn’t want to remember. I came away with Grandma Lamon’s cake cutter and a beer chicken cooking device.

Memory Making #3 – Massages

Oh yeah, as always these are wonderful.

Memory Making #4 – Sewing

We did a little, but we get so distracted that sometimes we don’t get as much done as we hoped.

Memory Making #5 – Hanging with the Cousins

I love staying up at night with the cousins and getting caught up. We giggle and laugh and just enjoy each other.


Memory Making #6 – Best Night Eva!

We had some good ole fun eating dinner, having drinks, and dancing! Kelly won a t-shirt and we cured her pinched nerve. Who loves Landshark?



Memory Making #7 – Drive by CJ’s New Digs

Sister CJ is moving to a new townhome in Rochester and boy she is excited. It was great to see her new place in anticipation of moving.IMG_1523

Memory Making #8 – Seeing Grandma’s New Digs

We stopped by Rochester for Grandma to show us her NEW apartment. You were so excited and I think her exact words were, “More than I ever dreamed.” Followed by, “Can I move in early?”.


I am sure there is more to tell but these are the memories I will take with me. I don’t for a moment take for granted this weekend that is gifted to us Souhrada girls. We are so fortunate to have this weekend opportunity to re-energize in life. More importantly, we are fortunate you are with us.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend Grandma! I look forward to next year.

Love, Molly Jane