Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fairy Garden

My boss gave me the wagon and tin barrel to make our Fairy Garden in exchange for early summer and fall picture. It was beautiful and the kids played with it a lot! Thanks Sandy B.!



Monday, September 8, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

IMG_0772 Pretty exciting day for us. The boys headed off to Glacier Hills to start Kindergarten. Ethan’s teacher is Ms. Brinkmeier and Bennett’s teacher is Ms. Haugen. The boys were convinced after the first day that they would start being in the same class. Sorry to say, it was not going to be the case.

My story from the day…we got the boys on the bus, NO TEARS! Everyone was excited! Brett and I drove away and I remembered my friend had given me a tip on rationing the chocolate milk at school. Her advice and what worked with her kids was that they were only allowed to have it on Fridays. I told Brett that I was upset I didn’t have the conversation with the boys before they left. Brett assured me to not worry and don’t bring it up until they talk about chocolate milk. I put it to rest. We took the girls to the zoo and just did some errands. Headed home to greet the boys off the bus and they jumped off with joy. We asked, “how was your first day?” They said, “Great…and mom, they have chocolate milk at school!” Dang it!

IMG_0767 IMG_0776 IMG_0787

Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer is Over: Nanny Mary

2012                                       2014


Mary finished her third summer as a nanny for this crazy crew. Of course the kids didn’t want to sit still this year for their picture. We have been so lucky to have her in our lives. Good for her, bad for us, she is a Senior at the U of M this year which means she may need to use that degree. I am pretty sure that full time nanny is not on the top of her employment list. Maybe she will be back, maybe not. Either way she will go down in history with us as one of the best!

Adding a Nanny to your family is more of an experience than a business deal. You seek out this person to leave with your loved possessions. You start the relationship off professionally since you are actually their employer. After watching days of the Nanny creating new color sheets to hang on the wall, folding clothes, pushing kids on swings, wiping tears, getting band aids, checking temperatures, making macaroni and cheese, enforcing time outs, driving to activities, etc they are no longer just an employee. No matter how hard your tried, this person has become a leg of your family. You want them there and you start telling them stories of what the kids did with you. You strategize on how to handle whining and fighting. You team up to ensure homework is complete and swim bags are packed. They become a friend that I never knew I needed. You want to know how their family and boyfriends are doing. You want to hear about their weekend at the cabin. You look forward to the hand off in the morning so you can have someone to keep you company as you make your coffee.

Nanny Mary, thanks for being amazing and a true friend. You always have a second home with PairSquared.