Thursday, May 22, 2014

Making a List

Due to our unfortunate events these past two weeks I found myself at home with the kids more than usual.  Kind of hard to find the time to accomplish everything when you have more than everything to do!  I am probably the worst person to “stay home” with the kids because I am so easily distracted.  The mounds of laundry haunt me, the work piling up on my desk pulls me to my computer, and the general maintenance of snack and milk requests piled on top of breaking up fights doesn’t leave me much time to “play”.  The kids asked in the morning, what are we going to do today mommy?  I knew everything that I wanted to do, but my list was ceiling to floor and not one line item would have entertained the kids for even 10 minutes.  I guess it was the realization that the day is not my day but I would have to share it. 

I introduced the list.  The most efficient way to prioritize those items that need immediate attention and a realization that there is just too much to do so you might as well get over it.  My love for lists is sure to live on in my kids!  (dad would be so proud)!  DSC_1027 

Notice only 2 items are mine, but the other 6 required adult supervision which means I had 8 items on my list.  This idea actually turned out better than I anticipated.  It was trickery for the mind which gave my controlling nature a break and rewarded my kids with plenty of mommy time.  Win win!  Now, excuse me while I go build a train track.  Check!

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