Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Swimming Lessons Update: Blue Bracelets

I am pretty stoked about this….the boys earned their swimming blue bracelets at the YMCA!!


I think my happiness can be summed up by sharing my email thread with Miss Amy who is the kids swim teacher…

Amy says,

Hi MJ, Hopefully the boys got a chance to show you their blue wristbands yesterday.  They worked really hard for those, I was so proud of them for not giving up!!! The girls shouldn’t be too far behind. They can do the skills, they just need me to help get them started. Just to let you know if you come swimming you’ll be able to get the wristbands for the boys at the front desk when you check in and they can be independent up to their armpits in the leisure pool.

I respond,

LOVE it!  They totally kept them on all night.  Actually I think that Ethan was still wearing his when I dropped him at preschool.  My lacking bikini body has you to thank for keeping me dry on the sideline!  Have you every tried to get 4 half dry kids into clothes in the showers which in the moment feels like a tiny closet??  Not to mention doing this while you are half clothed yourself and fear that at any moment one of the kids will throw the door open for some poor soul to get a view while in the family locker room.  I am grateful!!

Amy responds,

You are hilarious!! I give you quite the credit for even getting 4 kids to the pool! I am literally proud of myself when I get my ONE niece changed after swimming, it’s a lot of work when you’re in a suit yourself!!!

I respond,

Don't give me too much credit because as you know I made sure that the swim lessons remained on a day that my nanny was with them...wink wink!

Amy says,

I think that is just called good time management. Smile

Can I just say that I LOVE Miss Amy!  And I probably should also take this moment to say “Sorry Nanny Marit” and “Sorry to Nanny Mary” in advance.

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