Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lamon Girls Trip 2014

For the second year in a row we managed to pick the coldest week in Florida! Brrr!


We had some repeat highlights in addition to few added memories. 

1. I haven’t read a book for years and I finished one on the plane.  It must have been the sangria from a Capri sun pouch that kept me going.

2014 Lamon FL_1

2. The return of Pocahontas which gave us an up close encounter with a croc

2014 Lamon FL_3

3. Sanibel Island and endless opportunities to shell

2014 Lamon FL_2

4. Food, seafood to be more specific

2014 Lamon FL_6

5. Nature walks (not my favorite but a must for mom)

2014 Lamon FL_5

6. Boat tour, more food, more sight seeing, some shopping, a cousin

2014 Lamon FL_7

7. and more friends and family

2014 Lamon FL_8

See you in 2015, right mom?!?!

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