Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2014 Lamon Christmas

Christmas Eve at our house!  Both of my sisters family, mom and dad, and Grandma Cookie!

2014.12.25 Lamon Christmas

A few of my good friends got a good chuckle out of a new tradition that I am initiating….The Christmas Spider!  The Christmas spider is not in place of Santa Clause, but we are not doing Santa Clause.  I understand that Santa holds a beautiful memory for many and really it did for me too.  I remember several years sneaking out of my room to see what Santa left me.  Besides the My Little Pony being so memorable, one Christmas morning I pretty clearly remember running into mom and dad’s bedroom with a pair of purple kids safe scissors that I was so excited about.  Apparently I liked to cut things almost as much as I liked to write on furniture with permanent marker, right Grandma?!?  So as you can see I don’t have horrible memories of Santa Clause, actually pretty good ones.  I am pretty sure that my sisters enjoyed playing with me about Santa coming and assisting mom and dad with delivering presents until I learned about the truth of Santa.  I don’t like the idea of telling my kids a lie, but then again you can call my a hypocrite because I fully intend on creating a fairy garden this summer for the kids to play amongst.  I remember my Grandma’s fairy garden very well.  It was a wood crate that was in the garden patch right outside of the cabin door.  It was under a tree that had the white bark that peeled off really easy and had branches that hung low.  The crate housed a wicker couch, 2 chairs, and a table that displayed the fairy’s tea set.  I have more stories of creative play and fantasizing about fairies from the farm, but I can tell them later.  See…I do like the idea of being imaginative and believing something magical exists.  My lack of interest for Santa has to do with kids graphic shirts that say Naughty or Nice, parental threats that if their kids don’t behave Santa won’t come, and generally feeling Santa is all the hype at Christmas.  I know friends, yes I am talking to you Kristie, Pam, and Iz, that part of you is not loving me right now for fear that my kids will ruin Santa for your kids but the other part of you loves your non-conforming friend.  The good news is I have not taught my kids anything about Santa and will not tell them for a long time that he doesn’t exist.  I plan on showering them with other great Lamon/Scott Christmas memories that it won’t matter that Santa is not part of our Christmas tradition.


There are many versions of the Christmas Spider story, but I chose a book to read on Christmas Eve(A Christmas Spider’s Miracle).  This year Simeon read the story and the older cousins helped the kids blanket the tree with tinsel. 

2014.12.25 Lamon Christmas_2

Here is a summary of another version of the story:

According to ancient storytellers, there once was a widow living in her cramped, cold hut with her children. One day, a pinecone dropped from the tree outside and took root. The children, excited by the prospect of a tree for Christmas, tended the seedling and made plans about how they would decorate the tree. Poverty was a way of life for the small family, and when Christmas approached, the widow knew that they would not be able to decorate the tree. The children and the widow accepted their fate and went to bed on Christmas Eve, the tiny tree branches bare.

But the household’s spiders heard the children’s sobs and spun intricate webs on the tree. Early on Christmas morning, the children cried, "Mother, mother wake up and see the tree. It is beautiful!" The widow rose to find that during the cold night a spider had spun its web around the fragile branches. As the rays of the sun crept along the floor and silently climbed the tree, the glow touched the threads of the web turning each one into silver and gold, and, as the story goes, from that day forward the widow never wanted for anything.

To remember this miracle, Ukrainians still decorate their trees with artificial spider webs to this day to usher in good luck and fortune for the coming year. So, next time a spider decides that your home is warm and cozy, think twice before fetching a broom to sweep the webs away.

2014.12.25 Lamon Christmas_3

Christmas day was at Kelly’s house.  Dad got a new iphone which he strongly feels is an “amazing machine”.  We did FaceTime with Uncle Gary so he could hear the cousins play the piano and see some of the chaos.  Brett separated his shoulder on Christmas Eve playing hockey.  We went skiing/snowboarding on Christmas Day night.

2014.12.25 Lamon Christmas_4

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