Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer Recap


We have 4 kids and we managed to play:

Not like we used to play, but we enjoyed activities that we used to do in a tamer fashion.  I’m sure it is of no surprise to readers that Brett and I enjoy a cold beer and a happening party.  So this summer we changed it up a bit…for example, we had a bedtime instead of staying up till the next morning, we danced and sang to LeapFrog instead of cutting it up on the dance floor, we counted heads instead of what beer we were on.  You get the picture!  Don’t worry we took plenty of time to ourselves and enjoyed!


It turned out to be a good decision:

I will admit to all of you that I was not interested in resurrecting the Natique from Dad’s sawmill storage.  It didn’t seem realistic with how little the kids were.  When it came up all I could think about was the past times that the boat quit working and we were stranded in the middle of lakes or on the river (Loudy/Robinets remember that one).  The idea of being stuck in the middle of the lake with 4 crying children was not my idea of a good time and would have been a beating to our marriage because of course this would be situation that it was “his” fault.  We compromised and Brett assured me that he would solicit professional help to make sure the boat was more reliable instead of him tinkering around with it for hours in the garage.  I didn’t grow up with water sports but was only introduced after I met Brett.  I didn’t even consider that we would put our 3 and 4 year olds behind the boat.  I didn’t even want them in the boat.  The girls went from ducking in the tubes to standing. 


I have safely returned the boat to Lanesboro for another winter storage.  See you next year good friend.


Playground in our backyard:

Now we don’t have to hear screaming every time we go past a playground and the kids want to jump out of the moving car.  They know that they can go home to play on their own swing set.  This thing has been through a few families and we might be the last owner.  With a few updated accessories it turned out pretty good.  Thanks Kelly and Paul.


Water was essential:

Lakes, rivers, sprinklers, pools….you name it and we got wet.  Our swimsuit collection increased from 1 swimsuit a kid to 3 plus water shirts that non gender specific.  I learned that 2 pieces were a must when potty training (thanks Elsa Scott) and you really save on sun screen more you cover their bodies.  Anxiety level went down this year after we convinced (threatened) the kids that they had to wear life jackets if they want to get in the water.  Counting heads from a lounger on the side of the pool was achieved!


High activity level equals pooped kids:

Vacations, beach days, backyard camp fires, visiting family, family visiting us, yard work, sports camps, power pre-school, etc.  The question isn’t what did you do this summer, it is what didn’t you do this summer!

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