Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Soccer: I thought it was a good idea

I started with such high hopes to watch my cute boys run on the field and kick a ball around.  I thought they would love it, especially Bennett.  The first practice started typical and was exciting especially because Dade was there.  Once we started playing it all went down hill.  Not my proudest parenting moment….I could barely contain myself after leaving the first practice early because the boys refused to participate.  Was it really possible to be frustrated with 4 year olds because they didn’t want to play soccer?  What was wrong with me or maybe why did I sign them up? 


We spent the next several practices convincing them to go and play with their friends.  We tried bribing them with fruit snacks (hey, it worked for potty training) and then moved onto bigger items like Rescue Bot toys.  Ethan caught on.  He noted how the previous week Bennett got to open Bumble Bee because he played and that meant Ethan also got to play with the new toy.  So the following week at practice, Ethan goofed around A LOT.  On the walk back to the van Ethan turned to me and said, “Mommy did Bennett play good so that he can have the new rescue bot?’'  That stinker. 


I handed off the soccer responsibility to Brett.  His personality was better equipped to handle our goof offs.  The coaches did a great job given the pure chaos of 4 year olds playing soccer.  They often times would put the boys on separate scrimmaging teams but shortly after the play was off the boys would run across fields to tackle the other brother.  We only sent Bennett to several of the games/practices alone in hopes that he would play and not just clown around with Ethan.  At the last game of the season they gave medals to the kids.  The coach proudly said “Great job Playing!” to all the kid until he got to Ethan and Bennett.  Coach said, “Thanks Ethan and Bennett for coming to all the games.  Great job always showing up.  Did you have fun?”  At this point Ethan loudly replies, “Noooooooo!”  Maybe next year or maybe we will try tee ball.

All of these proud soccer mom moments brought to you by PairSquared Mom.

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