Sunday, September 1, 2013

See you later Nanny Mary


The end of summer meant back to school for Nanny Mary.  Every season we have a new member or members added to our family.  This is Mary’s second summer with us and it was incredible!!  Mary has a natural knack working with kids and some day is going to make one outstanding teacher.  She managed braids on moving targets, she survived the last stages of potty training, and found plenty to entertain the 4 of them at PairSquared Paradise.  Most days I would come home to the kids screaming at me what Nanny Mary taught them.  My favorites were bear hunts, singing rockin’ robin, and building forts.  We have been so lucky to have her in our family! 

Second part of why this summer was amazing is Nanny Mary’s bestie and back up, Marit!  These girls had the schedule worked out so I never had to stress.  I owe them for the reduction of child care break downs over these past 3 months.

(Another side note about Marit is that she is one of the tenants at our town home.)




Oh sweet Nanny Mary,

I know I thanked you a million times before but let me do it again.  Thank you for…

Emptying my dishwasher

Being resourceful

Cleaning up many milk spills

Making good decisions for my kids

Teaching the kids to dance and sing

Playing outside even on the hot days

Folding laundry (even though Brett wasn’t thrilled about nannies touching his delicates he appreciated it)

Trying to make the kids clean their rooms

Understanding when the girls decided it was completely acceptable to poop in their underwear

Loving Ethan, Bennett, Aaliyah, and Jocelyn even when they were difficult

You are my gift from god!  This isn’t good bye, this is just see you later!


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