Thursday, October 17, 2013

Built In Best Friend

Sure, having 2 sets of twins presents its challenges from time to time.  For example, Target’s carts only have 3 seats to buckle kids into, so no one can judge me when you see my 4th kid standing unsafely in the basket.  I was left no choice!  Or when 3 bathrooms in our house is not enough and I’m left with one kid standing in a puddle of pee in the hallway.

I still feel like the benefit of 4 kids so close together have outweighed the challenges.  I don’t do play dates.  I am a play date!  Taking 4 kids out of the house is a tornado of events and usually results in me yelling, “take your socks off your hands and put them on your feet, stop crying and just ask for help, your shoes are on backwards, everyone is still waiting for you, get your coat on and stop goofing around, I don’t know where your blankie flowers is just find a hat, we can get a snack later, leave the rescue bot here so you don’t lose it, I understand that you don’t want to go anywhere but we are going.”  If you want to hang out sometimes it is easier for you to come to my house.

This fall was amazing at PairSquared Paradise.  The kids loved hanging out in the backyard and playing in the dirt piles.  These kids love hanging out together!


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