Friday, August 30, 2013

Lamon Family Vacation: Arrowwood Resort


This summer, Lamons traveled afar to Arrowwood resort in Brainard, MN.  This resort offered excellent fun for all. Most of the mornings included the waterpark/pool.  In the afternoons we moved to the beach and boating.  There was a marina that we could store the boat!


We had both the wake and water ski trainer so all kids (including my sister Colleen) got to take many runs.  It was the first time that mom witnessed the kids being pulled behind the boat.  She was quite nervous.  I listened to her clear her throat and watched her scratch the top of her head as she anxiously waited for Brett to pull the boat back around so she could get those girls off the tubes.  He pulled in and mom quickly hiked up her jeans, ran into the water to “rescue” her granddaughters.  You should of seen Aaliyah yell at Grandma that she wanted back on the tube as mom carried her to shore. 




This vacation was way too short.  Next year we are going back but going for 5 nights instead of just 4.  Looking forward to summer of 2014!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013