Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Snapshot: Bonfires and Smores


Notice Aaliyah and Jocelyn holding their roasting their marshmallows on tiny sticks in the back.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Snapshot: Kickoff

Dear Readers,

First the first time since the existence of PairSquared I can take a breath.  We can travel from a car to a building with little danger, all kids are potty trained with a few exceptions of the girls thinking that pooping in their pants is acceptable, all kids are old enough to attend programming that has been greatly beneficial to them (and a short break for mom), we have 2 of the best nanny’s this summer so for a moment I don’t have to think about daycare, the kids can talk and tell us what they want instead of flailing on the floor in their tears, for the most part time outs are pretty effective in changing behavior (the harder they cry, the better the lesson learned), we have a backyard with a new swing set and sandbox that holds their attention long enough for us to not have to constantly worry about the kids making it to the road, and finally all 4 of the kids can buckle themselves into their car seats so I no longer have to suck in to squirm between kicking legs and captains chairs.  There is a god and he is on my side this summer!

I’m not still holding my breath….we are now swimming as often as we can, Brett negotiated a deal with me to bring the boat back home, the bike trailers have seen some action, we have spent hours on our backyard fixing the woods and planting trees, the garden is planted, vacations are being planned, soccer camp, basketball camp, pre-school, Wee backpackers camp, family reunions, aunt Izzy visits, golfing, bbqing, oh and don’t forget about that new smoker that Brett got for Father’s day.  We are jamming it all in and taking advantage of the first summer that we can see the outside of our house walls with some ease. 

I was going to take the summer off from writing, but I didn’t want to disappoint anyone and I also need to keep up the photo memoir of  the kids.  So this summer you will only get summer snapshots.  Photo montage of all our activities, vacations, happenings, milestones, etc.

Have a great summer!