Friday, April 26, 2013

Tonsils, Adenoids, and 1 set of ear tubes

The way that we came to the conclusion of surgery was a little unexpected.  In March the boys had their early child hood screening with District 196.  Ethan passed, but Bennett did not.  He was distracted for the testing portion and they were not sure he was understanding the instructions for the hearing test.  Next we went to Thomas Lake Elementary to meet with a Speech Therapist.  Prior to her screening the nurse did a hearing test and verified that Bennett couldn’t hear out of one ear.  This was followed by a visit to our primary physician, referral to an ENT doctor, and ended with surgery. 

We did decide to stay with Park Nicollet which meant that we would go to Methodist Hospital.  Sure, I do work at a Children’s hospital but the ENT was the same doctor that did the boys ear tubes when they were 18 months.  Dr. Browning was good and so we wanted to stay with her which meant sacrificing a child friendly hospital environment not to mention that Methodist no longer had a Child Life Specialist.  Lucky for our boys, their mom is a Certified Child Life Specialist.  The night before we did some medical play, made an IV for their puppy, and picked out “smells” (lip smackers) to bring just in case Methodist didn’t have their own.


Here are the boys talking about their “smells”.

The boys did just fine.  That whole first day at the hospital you couldn’t even tell they had surgery.  They had unlimited TV, coloring, and eating popsicles whenever they wanted.

















They went to bed…


Only a few hours later things got mixed up.  That would be the first night of a week straight of sleepless nights.  During this week I had moments wondering why we did the surgery.  I could of dealt with the snoring!  Now we are so glad that we did it.  The boys sleep much better at night.  Before they were waking up and sneaking into our bed.  When you walk into their room it is silent and snore free.  But the best part of Bennett is that he can hear!  His language was going down hill and we couldn’t understand him before the surgery.  Now he is back to speaking clearly.  Thanks to the Grandma’s for helping!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ties and Tiaras 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance at Crossroads church.  The girls loved getting dressed up in their spinning dresses.


So blessed that Brett and the girls could do this together.


I think he felt blessed too!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Boys turn 4!

We thought it was about time they learn to drive.  With 4 kids going different directions they are going to have to get themselves there somehow.


On the boys 1st birthday it was 80 degrees.  Notice the winter jackets and hats this year!  And wait, is that snow in the background?!?



Happy birthday to our little boys.  Every day they make us smile!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013 in Lanesboro

Easter Egg hunt at Sylvan Park. 



The boys sure love their cousins Simeon and Dade!


The cousins.

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