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Valentine’s Day Letter: 2012 Recap

Adopted from my sister Kelly and family…the Valentine’s Day Letter.  She seriously has some good ideas and this one makes sense.  With everything going on during the holidays why add one more task.  Wait till the tree is packed away and the kids are tired of their Christmas toys.  Now is the time for me to write about 2012!ATP001-001

Thanks to Annie Torrini Photography we have excellent pictures to highlight the content!

ETHAN: The eldest of PairSquared!  He remains the funny guy of the group. 

ATP002 (2)

Loves:  Hot Wheels cars, comfy pajama pants, and his giraffe blankets.

School:   He has been doing a great job at the YMCA preschool and KPT.  Teachers dig this boy. 

Food: Vegetables take second to meat or fruit on his plate.

Color: Green

Dislikes: His clothes being dirty.  Our washer and dryer get a work out from this kid.

Activities: Swimming and ice skating for the first time this year.

Favorite Song: Old McDonald Had a Farm

BENNETT: The biggest of PairSquared!  He is really smart and will let you know that B – B – B is for BENNETT!!

ATP001 (2)


Loves: LeapPad, his blue blanket, tracing his letters, and getting tickled.

School: YMCA preschool and KPT.  Teachers say that he really knows his letters.

Food: Vegetables, peanut butter and celery.

Color: Blue

Dislikes: Pirates and pink silverware.

Activities: Swimming and hide and go seek.

Favorite Song: BINGO




AALIYAH: Queen of PairSquared!  This one is pretty stubborn.

ATP009 (2)


Loves: Hearts blankets, taking a bath, and puzzles.

School: KPT.  Teachers have no comment.

Food: Yogurt, cheese, fruit snacks when she goes potty

Color: Pink and Yellow

Dislikes: Timeouts and bedtime

Activities: Coloring and flash cards

Favorite Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star





JOCELYN: Princess of PairSquared!  This one really loves her daddy.

ATP006 (2)


Loves: Blankie Flowers, her thumb, and cuddling.

School: KPT. Teachers have no comment.

Food: Yogurt, white cheese, animal crackers

Color: Purple and Turquoise

Dislikes: Her thumb hurting from sucking on it too much, putting clothes on

Activities: Puzzles on the Nabi, reading books

Favorite Song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider




The boys have had quite a year.  Their 3’s were good to them and from this date it is only 46 days until they are 4.  They have started to get taller as we noticed when they started to open the refrigerator for milk or grabbed the remote off the top of the TV.  They had a wild summer of moving to Lanesboro as we moved homes.  Even today they will ask for their white house.   They struggled with the start of preschool and having to be more independent.  We didn’t realize how much we were doing for them and how much they could do for themselves.  Might have something with them being our first kids.  The teachers say they did adjust and Bennett especially has turned a corner with tracing letters and having a longer attention span.  Ethan and Bennett still enjoy cuddling and we love that!

So I give the girls a hard time right now, but they deserve it.  Their 2’s are completely typically but have been hard on the parents.  From today they are only 120 days from turning 3.  Looking forward to that!  Despite their drama and loud screams they are pretty sweet.  They can talk more than the boys did at this age and so they are just able to express how they feel better than E and B.  They fight and tease each other most days, but at night they must have the other one next to them.  We know this because at 3:00 am we are woken to loud yelling of “Where’s my Aaliyah?” and “Where’s my Jossie?”  Which results in us going to their room and putting them in bed on top of the other one.  My guess is that these 2 will have a love hate relationship for a bit of their lives.




BRETT (from MJ’s perspective)

Works: Tennant

Wants: A boat that he saw at the boat show

Wishes: The ice skating rink would leave their lights on until 9pm so he could go skate after bedtime

Wonders: Where his summer went when he remodeled the main level of our house


Works: 3/4 of 2012 at home and various other business endeavors, 1/4 Children’s Hospital

Wants: A larger garden

Wishes:  The defective automatic doors on the van would work

Wonders: Why doesn’t money grow on trees?

Our 2012 accomplishments…

~ Potty training the boys

~ Staying home with the kids 3/4 of the year

~ Taking back our basement from little critters

~ Surviving the remodel, move, and our family living divided

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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