Thursday, February 14, 2013

To Our Teachers: Happy Valentine’s Day

Miss Katherine and Miss Shannon are Ethan and Bennett’s preschool teachers at the YMCA.  I owed them a holiday thank you post and again I am just getting to the post.  Since I wrote the family Valentine’s Day letter I asked the boys to step up and write this one to their teachers. 

Miss Katherine and Miss Shannon

Here is what they said…

Miss Katherine & Miss Shannon,

What you doing?  We are home with mom making Valentine’s cards and writing you a letter.  Mom is making us trace your names on the cards which makes us think she is not paying attention to our worksheets you give her because if she did, she would clearly understand that we don’t need to trace at home since we do it so much at school.  Don’t worry we lost focus only three letters into your name. 

We are just going to be upfront right now, you are pretty amazing teachers.  Sometimes you are so cool that I don’t even mind that you make me pick up my lunch or make me keep my hands to myself.  You probably already know that our favorite part of the week is swimming.  We really appreciate you moving the rope back to the middle of the pool.  If we would of known that all we needed to do is NOT pull each other underwater we would of stopped a long time ago.  Clearly you can tell we love playing with the games and toys at preschool.  We love playing so much that we sometimes forget to tell you that we have to go to the bathroom.  Our white shirts will never look the same. 

We probably should take this moment to thank you for a few things. 

1.   Thanks for taking our snack out of our bags.  Our sisters sometimes take so much of moms energy.  Most days we are just glad that mom remembered to bring us to preschool.

2. Thanks for making us more independent.  It was for some time that we knew we could put our own pants on but didn’t like to exert so much energy in the morning.  We are ok with the change, because now we get to pick out our own clothes so mom can’t pick out uncomfortable jeans.

3. Thanks for making sure that we have something to show the class at sharing time.  Mom can remember to pack our lunch boxes but always forgets to tell us to pick something out to show the class.  Just so you know, sometimes we sneak matchbox cars into our bags when she isn’t looking so you can always check in there.

4.  And pajama day, well lets be honest…if you hadn’t called mom that morning we would of missed the day that we get to wear comfy pajamas.  Do you know how much we love comfy pajamas?  A lot!

5.  Thanks for caring about our mommy.  You should see this lady some days.  Her frustration probably has something to do with us refusing to put clothes on, having a fit because we wanted a bagel at breakfast and there were only waffles, peeing on the bathroom floor because we couldn’t get there in time, pulling out all of our cars that she just put away the night before, climbing on the counter, pulling the cushions off the couch, spilling our milk, and crying because we couldn’t get our fingers in our gloves.  What do you expect, we had already been awake for 45 minutes!

6.  But most importantly, thanks for teaching us.  We are sure that some day school will not be a highlight, but you have laid some pretty solid foundation for us.  We think we are so smart that we should change our names to Einstein and Edison. 

We are so excited for tomorrow and have been practicing our “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  chant.   Mom hopes you won’t dislike her too much after we give each of our friends a whistle.  Cruel, we know.  And as for your gift, at the store we picked out a sweet Mad Dog monster truck, but mom said you might like something more practical that you would use more.  Huh, little does she know that we play with our monster trucks every day.  Who wouldn’t?

Love your goofy students, Ethan and Bennett

Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Katherine and Miss Shannon!

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