Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jamaica 2012: 10 year anniversary

July 19th, 2012 Brett and I celebrated 10 years.  To celebrate we returned to our favorite place with silky smooth sand, beautiful blue water, and appleton’s finest!  We didn’t do a great job at pictures and I got so burned the first day so not many pics are great.

We had a blast!  Met some great friends and a few that live near us in the metro area. 

On the way to the resort.  Clearly Jamaica believes in seat belt safety or assuring us that those seat belts wouldn’t get in the way of us sitting down.  I really don’t think I have ever wore a seat belt in Jamaica.


11:00am everyday!!!  Where we met orange pants…our new friend Adam and wife, Holly!


Where you could find Brett most days!


Show off!


Catamaran cruise!  Cliff pirates probably no older than 12 years doing some cliff jumping.  “Leave a tip my lady!”



Worst idea ever…Bob Marley shots.


Well maybe the best idea ever! (miss you guys!)


Some of the girls.


The resort and pool.



We have never had a bad time in Jamaica.  We love the people, went back to a resort for the second time, and the weather is perfection.  Couldn’t pick a better place to celebrate with my husband.  Miss our Jamaica friends and hope everyone is doing well.  I’m starting to plan for 2014…maybe try to top our most epic Jamaica day of 2012?!?


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