Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where did fall go, or maybe when is winter coming?

Saturday night and I am blogging.  The boys are hovered over an early Christmas present, LeapPad 2, while the girls watch da da da da Dora.  We have succumb to the assistance of technology babysitters with just 6:49pm on the clock.  These kids are machines.

Since it doesn’t feel like winter yet I won’t feel so bad posting these pictures just now.  This fall, we did throw the kids into the leaves and pretend like the day was beautiful and everything went swimmingly.  This day I went with Brian (brother in law with 4 kids) to the local art center for a little Halloween fun (yes I am behind).  Moment captured…



What I didn’t tell you is that I didn’t dress them for the weather.  Brian and I excited the tour early because our children were bored and didn’t understand how to stay in a line.  On the way down a steep hill Selah flipped out of her stroller because we were to busy making sure Aaliyah and Jocelyn didn’t fall on their face.  The best moment was when we got popcorn and they sat still.  It was a successful trip.

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