Monday, November 19, 2012

Potty Training Twin Girls: Day #1

For some reason God blessed me with a mother that has sympathy for her daughter with multiple multiples.  She came back for round two of potty training with the girls.  I am surprised that the boys didn’t scare her away.  I predict that all the times the girls make me appreciate the ease of the boys, the girls will put the boys training to shame.

Today was day #1.  I got out of the majority of this day.  This whole going back to work thing really worked in my favor for potty training. 

I checked in early AM with mom and she reported 1 pee on the floor and Aaliyah holding tight.  Later AM, I called back for report and mid conversation mom yelled AHHOHHHEWWW and the phone fell on the floor.  I concluded that Aaliyah just had her first pee of the day.  At this point no successes so I preceded to call Circle Sage Healing for a massage appointment for mom.  When I got home in the afternoon, the laundry room was full of pee blankets and there was a huge wet spot on the couch.  I’m not telling anyone what couch it was so you don’t think twice when you sit down at my house.  Mom said there was another accident upstairs and as she was cleaning up Jossie, Aaliyah decided to go #2.  Luckily for mom the smashed brown clump on the floor was a piece of bread from their play food rather than stepped in poop.  In the evening, I cleaned up pee that happened mid dinner, Jocelyn peed on the towel right before she stepped in the bath tub, and Aaliyah made pee tracks through the kitchen as she reported she had a poopy in her underwear.  I put pull ups on.

This time I am not nearly as optimistic.  I didn’t plan on there being any success the first day because I was frustrated after the first day with the boys.  I am telling you, potty training is one of the harder tasks so far and I have had help.

Better luck tomorrow.  

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Marcia said...

Here's to day two! Cheers!
Aunt M