Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Potty Training: Day #2

One success from Jossie and we think that it was just luck.  Mom tried the underwear bit rather than naked bottom half.  Apparently it didn’t keep them from peeing on the floor.  In other news, Bennett took a large dump in the froggy potty when no one was looking.  If he wasn’t already trained to use the toilet I am sure we would all done the potty dance and offered him a fruit snack.


The training concluded before dinner tonight.  Maybe it will start to click on Day 3.  Wondering if any of my family is getting worried yet about how much of this training will roll into Thanksgiving.  If pants are required for eating at the table Jocelyn and Aaliyah might have some issues with that.

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Marcia said...

We sure di miss Cheryl at the shop yesterday.... We all commented ( and giggled a litlle :)) about what she was doing instead of cutting fabrics....
Here's to day three! Cheers!