Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nanny Samm

A new semester, a new Nanny! 

Nanny Samm!


This little cupcake will be watching PairSquared 3 days a week until she returns to school next semester.  She is a student at Northwestern College studying biblical studies.  This girl will do great things for sure.  Not only can she french braid the girls hair, she makes killer banana bread.  She has even volunteered to keep the kids in KPT on Mondays and do the drop off and pick up.  Pray that she survives our horrible van doors annoying habit to not close, Ethan’s request to have his backpack completely on his back for the walk from the front door to the car in the driveway, the girls insistence to hold their lunch bags so that they can tear into their sandwiches on the way to the church, and Bennett’s tantrum at the girl’s classroom because he insists he is not a Brown Bear, but a Red Rabbit. 

Hope you got your sleep Samm!

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Unknown said...

i miss them so much!!!!