Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesdays and Thursdays with my girls

Boys are off at pre-school and the girls run and play!  Well mostly we make Sam’s club, Target, and grocery runs.  The girls come to the Y to drop the boys off for school.  So maybe you can imagine me with 4 kids, three and under making our way out of a van, through a busy parking lot, past the lobby, and to the school room.  I have had the assistance of a very old lady in the parking lot, many people holding the doors open and more importantly holding the doors closed to prevent them from exiting the building without me.  The pre-school teacher and aid take pity on me and don’t require me to get the boys bags hung up and lunch bags in the cubby.  Just last week I realized that there was a “snack bin” that I was supposed to put their snack into.  I didn’t even know they were supposed to have an extra snack.  I also finally read the paper work and found out that at lunch time the Y serves them milk.  Here I have been sending them with milk and I could have been saving their milk money.  And I have yet to send the boys with a family picture.  I think that was supposed to be the 2nd week.  I think there is a learning curve on this school thing.  Not only do the kids have more responsibilities like a journal and homework, I have to remember that they have more responsibilities.  I have been trying to get a grasp on this Tuesday/Thursday pre-school thing.  It was a purposeful preschool accident with Ethan that gave me a kick in the butt.  2 weeks ago I got a call that Ethan hit his head on the floor hard, wasn’t acting normal, and might have a concussion.  We raced to the Y while planning a trip to Children’s ER.  Brett called the nurses line at Park Nicollet to find out what the protocol was.  Ultimately it was concluded that we didn’t need to take him especially after he started acting his goofy self when we got home.  He is fine and as normal as they come.  So, I think I need to get things (and myself) together for these kids. 

So back to the drop off….I release the boys into the preschool room and they have to fend for themselves.  It takes all my energy to tear Jocelyn and Aaliyah away from the chalk board and sand table.  I had good intentions of taking the girls swimming once a week after dropping the boys, but that clearly took the back seat to my errand and work agenda.  We have skipped the swimming enough times to dodge the girls crying and screaming that they want to go swimming while I carry them outside of the building.  I’m not proud, but I plan on getting a better routine with the girls.  Today we went to the Red Balloon Bookshop for story time.  Yes, I guess I was officially there on Happy Family business, but we still benefited from the singing and peek a boo play during story time.  I actually highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for something to do with their kids.  We also visited my friends at Children’s Hospital for lunch.  I am happy to report that the girls will sit in a shopping cart without complaining, they stay close in parking lots, and follow me when walking much better than they did in the beginning of September.  Right now Jocelyn is passed out in the rocking chair.  That was a good day. 

Jocelyn strutting her stuff.  I know that hair is out of control.


Aaliyah after a long day.


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