Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Balancing Act

I know, I know I am not keeping you up on all the details of what is going on.  Just to give you an idea where my head has been I found this image.  Describes it pretty well.

This is what I feel like…


Pretty sure this analogy is not uncommon for moms in this world.  I have found myself most of the time driving around the city either transporting kids to their programs, heading to meetings, working events, etc.  During my drives I have all these thoughts about posting a blog and things I want to share.  Then a good jam comes on the radio and I turn up the volume so I can’t hear my cell phone ring.  At home, I sit down at my computer and all thoughts are lost.  Not gone, but hidden behind the “To Do” list from ceiling to floor.  The pieces have fallen and I am in recovery.  I don’t really feel like I am a real “stay at home mom” OR a “working mom”.  I feel like I am doing both half hearted.  I wanted it both, but little did I know that it would ultimately make both of my worlds suffer.  I can’t remember what the boys need to bring to preschool each day and I can’t remember what work emails I have yet to follow up on.  This disorganization is not fitting for me.  Today I had a much needed and completely unsolicited visit from a friend.  It was one of those moments that she happen to know that I needed to talk and asked to come over.  This friend is not unfamiliar with coffee talks to help MJ get her head on straight.  With a gentle reminder that despite my desire to want to always be busy (thanks mom and dad) I have to give up something.  Her lasting comment as she walked out my door was that she will be checking in on how on my resignation letters are coming.  Don’t get excited I am not quitting anything.  I need to reprioritize.  Clearly my blog has been left in the dust which is my outlet to share my funny stories, pictures, and pity parties to family, friends, and complete strangers. 

I am off to get back on the road with a little help from this guy, wow isn’t he good lookin’? 

(Didn’t you know that in front of every great man is a outstanding woman?)


Oh wait, I mean this guy!


And for all these little monsters.


Excited for tomorrow and to get the papers on my dining room table organized. 

#1 on the list – flip chart hung on the wall

Wonder if my sister or dad will call me first after this post?


Cheryl's Apparel said...

Oh Molly,
It will get easier but not just quite yet. Love, Mom

Unknown said...

You are an AMAZING Mom, Wife and Friend!! xoxo