Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Day of KPT

We just passed our second week of KPT so I am behind.  Best picture I could get of them.  They were more interested in their lunch bags than smiling.

This year the girls are Red Rabbits and the boys are Brown Bears.


Mondays are sacred days.  4.5 hours kid free.  The possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitchen Re-model pretty much done

I know that I left you in the dark on the kitchen remodel.  I guess a girl gets working appliances and she disappears. 

Here is the flooring going in (thanks Mike).



The floor installation went pretty well AFTER we tore up the first installed flooring in the foyer, bathroom, and hallway.  After a few weeks, a haze started to appear on the flooring.  After research the flooring got horrible reviews and others complained of the same thing.  So we tore it up and started all over again.  PAINFUL!


That wasn’t even the worst part about it.  Since we had to take up the flooring in the bathroom we needed to take a part the toilet and trim.  My brother in law Brian helped with this job.  It went fine until he pulled off one particular piece of trim.  Water started pouring into the bathroom through a nail hole.  Apparently a trim nail punctured one of the water lines.

A little set back and we still have the drywall to be patched.


By the end of labor day weekend we had this.





Best part of the refrigerator.  Probably not by accident that it has a shelf that fits 4 sippy cups perfectly!


This past week we got some of the detail work done and handles!  Amazing how much easier it is to open cabinets with handles.  I have to say that I love it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

State Fair: Not sure why we went.

It started ok.


They liked the food.


And loved the sandbox!


I won’t tell you every story from the day.  Here are some general observations from those around us.  Some people thought it was cute and others were pissed that the choo choo wagon just ran over their feet.  Some people took pictures while others were annoyed they had to wait to cross the intersection in front of us.  Most people thought we had quads and many others asked us the obvious, “two sets of twins?!?”  I pulled the wagon up the hill as people shouted comments about how we needed an engine or that we should go back to the animal barn and get a horse to pull us.  I chuckled through the sweat and refrained myself from chucking my unrequested lemonade back at Brett as he brought up the end eating a turkey to go sandwich.  This year we intentionally only brought 4 of the cabooses and I carried the bag on my back.  I wanted to avoid people asking if they could get a ride in the last caboose or if we were expecting again.  We never saw the fishes as planner.  We lasted almost 3 hours and returned home with 4 children.  On the walk back to the car Brett told me that I needed to have a more positive attitude.  By this point my lemonade was gone so I retorted that he needed to have better communication.  The end.