Thursday, August 23, 2012

Glass 2/3 full

I left off in my last post in Lanesboro and then returned to the cities.  The irony is at this exact moment I am writing this post from my sister’s table in Lanesboro again.  Yup we just couldn’t stay away. 

Catch up…last week I went home to the cities for some work events and the kids stayed back a few more days.  Mom and Dad drove them to me in Rochester Thursday evening so we spent 1 whole week as a family in the new house.  And one week later, the kids went to bed in my nephew’s bedroom and TV room.  I will be enjoying a quiet nights sleep in my other nephew’s, Dade, little man cave.  It is questionable if the sheets have been washed this summer.

So why did we come back?  Was it the rolling hills, Sylvan park, the Disney Junior channel, or maybe the unfinished 2 story treehouse in Grandpa Rick’s backyard?  Nothing that exciting, but our house is just not ready for 4 kids yet.  This week, I was impressed at their ability to restrain themselves from touching the tools in the garage or burrowing under the black plastic blocking the entry ways to the construction areas.  It might have had something to do with the fact that those acts were followed by an automatic time out.  They were content.  I had a melt down and I came home for a time out.  

I titled my blog post glass 2/3 full because there was a sort of old, wise man that recently rained on my pity party and told me that my glass was 2/3 full.  As I was listening to his lecture in the background (something about the bright side and I don’t have it so bad, etc) I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he told me that my glass was 2/3 full and not 1/2 full.  He totally had the saying wrong and completely right all at the same time.

Want to know why….

2012.08.23 Kids In New House

I got so much going in the right direction right now I probably should say that my glass is overflowing.

Want to know why again?  Progress is happening!!!!

Monday it started with one cabinet.


Tuesday it ended with a few more cabinets.


Justin (our friend that is doing our cabinets) captured my happiness when he did the big reveal.


And Thursday I left the house with counter tops and a microwave.  Plus the painter/dry wall guy started yesterday so we are ahead of schedule.


Oh and the laundry room, why yes it is coming along!

Start on Monday.


When I left today!


The plan is that the kids and I will be returning after the weekend.  Brett is still in the cities working on many tasks.  I am crossing my fingers that we might see an appliance or two get installed sometime next week.  We are pretty excited to get into the space!

I guess as much as I want to feel sorry for myself there isn’t much to report that is wrong.  Delayed yes, but wrong…nope.  Thanks oh wise one for the words of encouragement and subtle reminder that no one stole my lunch money.

“Who said life was fair?”

                                                                         ~Jane Souhrada

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