Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventures in Lanesboro

This will be a recap of week 2 and almost all of week 3 with a new house under construction and parents taking the strays in.

Since July the boys and girls have been living in Lanesboro with my family and mostly me.  I have made it back to the cities for two 24 stints to take care of business, attend some meetings, mow the lawn, and spend a little time with the husband.  I know my family is going to read this, but I will have to say I am incredibly surprised at how well it is going.  Despite the aroma of poopy diapers in the garbage and loud background noise that makes if difficult to hear the news I think they still like us.  I never imagined spending this much time consecutively in Lanesboro since I was dropped off at the college dorm and was given a strong suggestion that I needed to find somewhere to live in the summers.  Guess Mom never thought she would have me taking up her basement almost 15 years later with 4 high maintenance children.  At least it is  for the good of the family, so we can have a house to make our home.  Not to mention running water and working appliances.  So Brett has held down the fort at CGL.  Working days at Tennant and remodeling at night.  The kids were happy that he was able to visit last weekend which happen to be Buffalo Bill Days.

So here are a quick visual recap.

Dad created third row stadium seating so he could hear the TV.


Jocelyn got mom’s hair brush stuck in her hair.


After the hair brush incident she posed for a picture in my sunglasses, which she later broke in the van.


Typical lunch time on Grandma’s table that has new marker stains.


The boys watching videos at rest time.  Looks kind of like home.  And yes most likely they are only wearing underwear under the blankets.  Clothes are sometimes still optional at Grandma’s.


Jocelyn playing in Grandma’s wagon.  Yes that is in fact a nativity scene behind her.  I had to move it after week one because they kept playing with Baby Jesus.


The mouse trap under the nativity scene table.  Looks like it got something.  Luckily the girls were obsessed with Baby Jesus and not the device that was protecting his twig stable from becoming a mouse nest.


Family time at the Feed Mill




Boys before the parade.


Dade and the boys.  Dade is the best and the boys absolutely adore him.  Dade has been watching the boys a few days every week.  They go on the trampoline, to the park, get ice scream, watch him play Mario Kart, and so much more.  When Dade comes to my parents house the first thing that E and B do is climb into his lap.  Thanks for all your hard work Dade!


The Buffalo Bill Day Parade!


Yup, that is a buffalo in the parade.  Some people have elephants, we have a buffalo!


One night out with some high school friends!


Craft time which resulted with crayon on the floor and marker on the table.  The serger is out and leggings are in the making.  Got lots of shows coming up this fall!


A true shoe lover!


“Mommy, puppy is hungry!”  This is Aaliyah’s new thing.  This morning I found the puppy at the breakfast table with half a bagel in front of it.  I asked her to eat it and she refused and put it back in front of her puppy.  So this evening at snack time she asked for a second cheese stick and nicely laid it in front of the pink puppy.  The first time this happened was on Sunday when we went for a walk and she insisted that I buckle the puppy in.  They are starting make believe play.  Love it!


Watching Netflix…really missing the playstation and a hanging TV to regulate the battles over seeing the screen.


We go to Sylvan Park often and of course they want to swing.  Not too many parks have 4 baby swings in a row for us.


And 2 videos!!

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