Monday, July 30, 2012

We did finally move

The final move was planned for last Sunday, but on Saturday it just made sense to start loading up.  It was more so we could put the kids to bed and keep working on the CGL (new house).  We loaded up the 2 cars as full as we could with 4 car seats. 

We introduced the kids to their new rooms and reintroduced them to their toys.  They wanted to play forever.  It was like Christmas for them.  The once clean rooms no longer had visible floor and the toy bins were unsorted.  The kids quickly became their own interior designers of their new territory.



It was the girls first night in a big kid bed.  I think the key is child proof lock on the inside of the room.  Regardless of the comfy quarters I created for them complete with pillow pets they decided to fall asleep some where a little more familiar.


The first night I lifted them into bed after an exhausting hour of playing and trying to escape their room.

So it is official….we have a new house.  Just working on the “new home” part.

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