Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our “Pretend” Move

Oh what to write about. Many of you want to know how the move is going or how the construction is going or how are those little kids? Well, how about how is MJ? I’m going to take a selfish moment to say that the current situation kind of sucks and is about to get worse. What we thought was moving to a single family home has become a construction zone. Not to worry, Brett is in hot pursuit to make the house at least livable in addition to my sister laying red construction paper on the floor for us to walk on. This weekend we had a pretend move….where we took everything to CGL, but still sleep and live in the town home. I think if it were just Brett and I it wouldn’t be just a big deal, but having 4 human beings rely on us makes things a little bit more tricky. For the most part they have been thick skinned with getting passed from person to person, but we have seen extra meltdowns and statements of wanting to go home, where’s Daddy, and Mommy, where are my cars? The only thing constant in this house is frozen pizza and how inconsistent mommy and daddy are round. I am sure that none of them will have memories of these past 3 months and if they do it probably will be of the amount of TV they got to watch without regulation. Maybe in their perspective not such a bad memory. Makes a mom feel guilty, but there is an end in sight.

The weekend started off pretty cool. Mom, Colleen, and Dade were here and we went to Dade’s baseball game. I at least got to see Dade catch one ball in the outfield before we carried a few children back to the car screaming. I was at least thankful that no one peed their pants while we were there. Friday was followed by my first time mowing the lawn at CGL. I love mowing lawn well especially when I get to use a ride on. It reminded me of mowing at the Treehouse. I’m not going to lie, but I think that Brett will have to arm wrestle me if he wants to mow the lawn.


We had lots of family and friend help which really was amazing. Who needs a UHaul when you have the Treehouse trailer?


The construction projects involved a garage door, fixing some water leaking into the basement, moving the wall in between the eat in kitchen and family room which involved plumbing, installing dryer, and putting down hardy backer in the master bathroom, plus Kelly and I did an outstanding job installing a few wall hanging items. That master bathroom additional project was a surprise too. It was decided to make the plumbing project easier it would help to pull up the tile in the master bathroom. I think this was Kelly and Paul’s favorite part of the weekend. I meant to take more pictures. I’ll get some this week.

We are spending our evenings working on the house this week and plan to be sleeping at CGL as of Sunday night. This is a little picture of what the living room at Talon currently looks like.


Toys, a pile of blankets, and a air mattress, with Leap Frog in the background. However, I took this next picture the week before and it seems like the activity in the living room is about the same minus couch cushions.


Yes, my children are barely ever dressed. They all prefer to be naked which required us to create the rule that underwear is required on the main level.

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