Monday, July 9, 2012

Introducing Nanny Mary

It is almost half way through the summer and I am just now showcasing my PairSquared Professional.  You must know that we have increased our family by a few with some stellar daycare specialists.  From the bull pen is Nanny Mary!


Nanny Mary came with outstanding recommendations from a few girls that are about to be the tenants of Talon Trail.  In the fall, Mary will be entering her sophmore year at the University of Minnesota where she is studying elementary education and is a member of the dance team.  Originally from Eagan, Mary has 3 siblings, which we got to meet her brother Noah last week.  He helped her out due to a sprained ankle and I think the boys loved having him around!  We have enjoyed getting to know Mary.  It is convenient that her name is in one of the kids favorite songs, so anytime I say that Mary is coming to play…they start singing, “Mary had a little lamb.”

Being a PairSquared Professional is like having a second family.  I am sure that Nanny Molly and Sarah can both verify that statement.  What we lack in benefits and financial compensation we make up in love and appreciation.  This job is not for the weak stomach and some days feel thankless.  But then other days are rewarding and accident free!  WARNING: Once you are part of the family you can’t leave.  And why would you want to with cute faces like these…


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