Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Week at CGL & My Spicy Girls

I got lucky on the first week.  My sister, nephew, and parents took the boys home to Lanesboro which left me 1 on 2.  Way better odds.  There was odds and ends to tie up last week.  Especially at the Talon house.  Since I only had the girls I planned to give them a little “extra attention” that week.  Not the extra attention that you might be visioning.


(Here are the girls eating lunch in the Master Bedroom on upside down crates.)

Let’s back up…

June 5th, 2012, Aaliyah and Jocelyn turned 2.  Do you want me to keep explaining or do you have the idea yet?!?   I’ll paint a picture for you.  They pull hair, they hit, they scream, their cry is an angry shrill, and their favorite words are “MINE” and “RIGHT NOW”.  They are completely opposite to Ethan and Bennett and completely normal all at the same time.  E and B must have been an anomaly.  They made me feel like an awesome parent and the girls personal mission is to tear it down!  I was on top of the world with the boys.  For the most part, they ate, they didn’t fight, they listened, they were polite.  I think it is safe to say that good parenting is taking second to genetics on these kids.  I would like to say that the girls have their dad, but anyone that knows Brett would know I am joking.

So what did we do last week….we tried a lot of things that I wouldn’t have dared to try with all 4 of the kids.  Yup, that’s right…we went to Target!  We went almost everyday (sometimes to 2 places) and we went in the morning when there wasn’t too many people.  The first trip was the worst.  After them running away from me in the shoe department and Aaliyah getting a time out in the linen section I figured it was time to go.  They were kicking, screaming, and failing on the ground as I was trying to get them into the the cart.  As I am trying to get out of the sports attire a lady decided that it was a good time to have a conversation with me.  “Are they twins?”, she asked.  “Yes”, I said when in my heading I was saying Aaliyah just put your feet into the leg holes of the cart.  “Oh, I had twin girls”, she said.  “Great”, I said when in my head I am thinking that Jocelyn had cleaned that portion of the floor so well with her dress they wouldn’t have to mop it today.  They continue to scream and I can’t get them in the cart so I am not moving and the lady is not budging either.  She turns to the girls and asked them, “Oh what is wrong?”  REALLY??!??  Do you think they asked me for a unicorn or new puppy and I said no so they decided to try to pull their dress off in the store and hide from me under clothes racks.  Come on mom’s, if you had kids throwing fits in Target before then why would you try to stop a frazzled parent to reminisce about having twins of your own.  I edged forward with kids half in the cart to signal that I was still on the move.  She kept walking.  I never did get them in the cart.  They insisted on walking while yet holding my hand however, I still had the cart with a few returns in it.  So picture this, one girl on each side of the cart holding my hand as I pushed the cart to customer service with my chest.  Not my finest moment, but I was content that the screaming had ended.

That was the first shopping trip and happy to report that the rest got better despite the one where they started hitting each other in the Home Depot check out lane.  We worked on “please” and “thank you”.  No more yelling “ I want milk NOW!”.  I feel like it was a little better from the beginning of the week to the end.  Now to keep it up. 

They did have some sweet moments.  hehe!


To my girls because someday you will read this.  Despite your attitudes, dramatic demands, and independent nature I love you forever!  I shouldn’t be surprised by your strong personalities and won’t be surprised if you hope to be a princess someday.  Because really, who doesn’t want to be a princess?

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