Thursday, June 14, 2012

Under Construction: Not My Blog, Just My Life

Wondering where I have been?

Well this was a big undertaking.  The thought of changing out some flooring and throwing up some paint has turned into a much larger endeavor.  Here are some before pictures and a little or the actual work happening.

Family Room, Brett painted the walls for his mom over 10 years ago. 

To do: Paint, replace sub floor, replace ceiling, change deck door, install laminate flooring


Kitchen: In this picture the refrigerator was already removed.  The stove is currently sitting on the front patio.  If anyone needs one feel free to pick it up!  The desk on the right side was also ripped out for a new cabinet.

To do: Paint, ceilings, counter tops, sink, flooring


Living Room

To Do: Paint, clean carpets


Formal Dining Room

To Do: Paint, Clean Carpets, replace light fixture


Down Stairs Bathroom

To Do: Paint, replace toilet, replace light fixture



To Do: Paint, replace flooring


Girls Room

To Do: Paint, clean carpets


Boys Room

To Do: Paint, clean carpets


MJ’s Temporary Sewing Room/Office

To Do: Paint, clean carpets


Upstairs Kids Bathroom

To do: Lots, but there isn’t time!


Master Bedroom (yes I did do my red wall again!)

To Do: Paint, clean carpets


Thanks thus far to all the family and friends that have helped us get this far on our projects.  We could not do it without all of you!  We are excited to move!!

A big thank you to the best painter in Eagan!!  JZ, you have made my walls beautiful and keep me sane!


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