Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remodeling the Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is getting a little more than a face lift.  It will not be recognizable by those that have visited this previous kitchen.  Thought we were just changing out the counters and flooring.   Well Brett and Brian went to town on removing tile, breaking up 2 inches of compound, pulling up a mesh wire that has what feels like a staple ever inch, and a paper barrier.

Here is what they did…


Here is what I did yesterday…


So wondering why we are now replacing some of the flooring and cabinets.  There was some water damage that left us this…


Our friend is helping us with a redesign of the cabinets.  Ordering them will take some time we essentially once we get the flooring up we are going to have to sit and wait.  It doesn’t look like we will actually have a kitchen when we move into this house.  Thinking about spending some time in Lanesboro while the kitchen is out of service.

Our focus will now turn back to the Family Room that has been sitting for a bit.  Meeting a contractor to hopefully help with a few things.


Other good news is that the entire upstairs is completed.  Thanks to Jason and Adam for helping us move about half our furniture on Monday night.  Talon Trail is starting to look a little bare.

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