Saturday, June 2, 2012

If I had time, I probably should potty train her

Beware of brown, smooshy pebbles in my house.


Just pretty thankful I did not sit down in the chair before I noticed this left over diaper from Jocelyn.  There is a story of Nanny Sarah finding poop on a book in the girls room.  And poor Andrea was subjected to poop in the bath tub after Bennett emptied his froggy potty into what he thought was the most convenient spot in the bathroom.  The diapers spend more time on the floor than hugging the girls bottoms.  Masking tape is used for more than packing boxes these days AND they still manage to find a way out of it.  They pull that diaper off and leave a masking tape belly necklace. 


The girls are insistent on “going to the potty” but they don’t leave behind any remains.  I wish I had time because I think they are ready to learn.  With moving to a new house and doing some construction before we get there it isn’t in the cards right now.  Realistically it is just easier to have your kids in diapers.  Right now I need convenience.  Mom, what are you doing in August??

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