Thursday, May 10, 2012

KPT: Mother’s Day Tea

Every year in May, KPT does a Mother’s Day Program.  The children sing a few songs about how great their moms are and then there is a tea party.  So today was the day…

You won’t be able to locate Ethan and Bennett in the group because of my poor decision of sitting in the sanctuary in eye sight of the boys when they walk in.  They cried and ultimately ended up sitting in the pew with me watching all their friends sing the songs.  Sorry Anne Marie and Amy! 

Mothers Tea

With 1 on 5 I choose to not attempt the snack portion of the event in the basement of the church. 


My beautiful Mother’s Day gift.  Here is one of those moments when I cash in on having so many kids.  Other moms only got 1 flower, oh yes I got 4 to make a beautiful center piece.  Boom!  Ethan and Bennett’s hand prints are in the background…the card is sweet and reads…

Sometimes you get discouraged

Because I am so small

And always leave my fingerprints

On furniture and walls. (see picture below)


But every day I’m growing

I’ll be grown up someday

And all those tiny handprints

Will surely fade away.

So here’s a final handprint

Just so you can recall

Exactly how my fingers looked

When I was very small.

Mother’s everywhere, PAUSE…take a mental picture of how small they are….PAUSE, PAUSE, OK now get out the Windex and clean the finger prints off the window.

I am going to be busy on Sunday so no time to blog.  There is a trip to the Apple store at the MOA in my future (THANK YOU HUBBY!).  He pretends to not listen and acts completely uninterested and then he cashes in.  Blogging on the go.  So I have to say Happy Mother’s day to my mom, grandma, the late Jane-O, family, and friends with little ones.  Just because you get frustrated with q-tips spilled all over the bathroom floor and taping a diaper on at nap time does not mean that you don’t love it.  I am the first to share the horrific moments and first to say I wouldn’t ever take it back.  My life is that much better with PairSquared, different, but better.

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