Saturday, May 12, 2012

High Five Parenting

Many people have experienced or probably are experiencing this right now.  This is just my take on a new parenting technique that is trying and difficult. 

We call it High Five Parenting…are you familiar?  Essentially the concept is that parent #1 is home with the kids as parent #2 is working.  When parent #2 returns to care for children, parent #1 leaves for work.  In passing you high five (no time for a kiss).


The positive to this method is that parent 1 and 2 do not have to pay out any child care costs. 

Downfalls is that parent #1 and #2 have a hard time doing much with the children outside of the home.  Ok, this one is partly our fault since we have so many small children.  And parent #1 and #2 don’t really see each other.  Communication consists of texting, emailing, and yelling at each other through car windows while passing each other.  Most of the time when I return home at night Brett is still awake.

Not complaining, well maybe a little.  High Five Parenting has been quite prominent in the PairSquared household.  Mostly has to do with spring sales/boutiques.  We are looking forward to May being over.  I can’t change anything at this moment, but something is going to have to give.  Pushing hard for Thirty-One to take off a bit more.  Trying to chisel out a little time for family time has been a challenge.  And to finding time yourself is almost impossible.  I promised one of my friends that come June I would find a little me time.  Maybe I will let Brett join me too. 

I might need to say Thank You to Brett for pulling through on this one.  His nights are dinner and bedtime for 5.  Thanks for being so patient.  I am fully confident that our life will never slow down.  Ha!  Buckle in!

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