Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ducky Photos By Annie Torrini Photography

I sent Brett to do pictures alone which was not my original intention.  I didn’t expect it to be great, but I didn’t expect the phone call afterwards that went something like this…”Never Again!”  I was at the Just Between Friends sale so all I could make out was that our kids don’t listen, Ethan almost got hit by a car, and maybe a few pictures turned out.  This picture probably says it all for Brett.


Pictures were followed by a visit to the baseball field to see cousin Dade.  My sister explained to me that Brett had to carry 3 children kicking and screaming back to the car as the onlooker parents whispered wondering if they should help that guy.  I have seen our kids kick and scream so the thought of Brett having to fight 3 of them is overwhelming for even me.  Jossie’s beautiful white dress came home to me with dirt and mustard stains.

  It sounds like Brett didn’t have a great day.

Regardless of our twitchy children, Annie still got a few.



Ok, those are just the fun ones that I love (thanks for always including those Annie and never stop clicking)!!

She is a true professional.




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