Monday, April 23, 2012

Shoe Obsession

Pants don’t really matter to these girls, but it is a must to have the right shoes to match the shirt.  I moved the shoes out to a stand so I didn’t have to keep cleaning up the bins of shoes they would dump everyday.  The girls change their shoes throughout the day.  Sometimes they put on the boys shoes or Brett’s and other times only put one on.  Amazing how infrequently the shoes are on the wrong feet.


The girls vocabulary has picked up.  Probably has something to do with their talking parrot habit.  Every time you say something they repeat it.  There are a few things that they still say the keeps us guessing what they want.  It is just amazing to see them do things that the boys are not even interested in.  For starters, of course putting on their own shoes, buckling themselves into the wagon, and undressing themselves.  The last one is pretty annoying right now, but will hopefully work in our favor when the girls potty train.  We have started taping Jossie’s diaper at nap and night time. 


They are pretty sweet, but Jossie has turned a little feisty when she wants something.  We carried her the whole way through the Burnsville mall kicking and screaming.  Like we needed one more thing to get us looks.

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