Monday, April 9, 2012

Ethan and Bennett are 3 years old


Almost potty trained by the time they were 3.  We started their birthday with a trip to Annie’s studio to capture them looking one year older.  Afterwards we went to Chucky Cheese’s for pizza and games.  The week before we had a domino effect of fevers.  Unfortunately it was Ethan’s turn on his birthday so he took a snoozer on the booth bench.  We won some tickets and went home with a little loot (cheap plastic toys).


Ethan Lamon Scott

Weight: 29 lbs (21%)

Height: 36 inches (12%)





Bennett Lamon Scott

Weight: 29 lbs (21%)

Height: 37 inches (32%)



The boys are amazing!  We love to hang out with them and there is usually a little wrestling on the floor.  Their current favorite toy is the Cars Geotrax.  I think they have been playing with it for about 10 days straight.  We are still potty training….moved to cotton underwear for the day but have still not ventured out of the house without pull ups on.  They only get one chance in cotton underwear.  If they go in them then they are pant less for the rest of the day.  We are for sure making progress.  Can’t wait to spend more time outside with them.  Bennett is an inch taller which we guessed since he was able to use the pedals on his trike and Ethan still couldn’t. 

We are pretty lucky.


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