Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Fox: Due May 2012

Last weekend I threw a shower for my friend Megan.  Megan is a long time friend from Lanesboro and I can’t pin point the age that we met, but I think it was probably around the 7-8 year old age range.  I remember some vague story about me telling her that she couldn’t be friends with a certain person and she had to be my friend.  Sounds a little controlling and unfortunately for those that know me would probably say a little accurate.  With that said it was the best decision Megan made in addition to marrying Mike.

With all the hosting responsibilities I didn’t get very many photos and I think I can thank Julie for a few…










So happy that Megan’s mom Jennifer could drive up from Lanesboro and that Judy was able to make it!  They were very proud Grandmas!

I have some maternity pictures of Megan.  Brought to you by PairSquared Photogaphy…

Mags Preggo Pics3

Mags Preggo Pics2

Mags Preggo Pics4


Dearest Mags,

What an honor it has been to be by your side through life.  Kind of been a crazy ride but totally worth it to see where we are now.  I can’t wait to meet little baby Fox.  I don’t hesitate in saying that you are bound to be one of the most awesome (and beautiful) moms.  I look forward to many family outings together filled with crying, diaper change breaks, and goldfish.  We have traded in our party hats for early bed times and early mornings.  I couldn’t have picked a better friend to do it with.

Love you always, MJ

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Unknown said...

It's definitely been an adventure and it's only going to get better from here! I'm so glad to have you in my life! xoxo, Mags