Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Decision Made: This is a big one

After 8 years in the Talon town home, we have made a decision….we are moving!

It of course was talked about several times and we even looked at houses a few times, but our town home worked.  This was a tough one, because we don’t hate our town home.  We actually really love it.  It has been customized down to the heated flooring, man cave work bench, and nook under the shower bench to hold Brett’s magazines.  The basement is nearly finished, just short the floor trim.  And I still haven’t showered in the basement bathroom which according to Brett has the best water pressure in the house.  Brett will probably tear up just reading this.

I think it came apparent to us that there are a few things that we really would like to have for the kids.  The biggest one being a backyard.  Thus far our kids have played on the street with their neighbor buddies Max and Lillie.  Every time a car comes to pull into a garage we all jump up to count heads and yell “car coming” to remind all the kids to go to a driveway and freeze.  People have been kind and attentive to our kids, but it would be nice to not have to worry about a car driving up.  So the other thing which is more for Brett and me, it would be nice to have a larger garage to store all the toys and yet drive a car in.  Those of you that come to our house know that you have to zig zag around toys to get to the door.  The garage is also a place that we hang out.  I am not afraid to admit that we are garage dwellers. 

Wondering where we are moving??  Well, not far and you may have been there before.  Still in Eagan and a house very familiar to us.  Yup, we are buying Brett’s parents house.  We joked when we were pregnant with the girls how we would swap houses.  Now it is happening, well kind of.  Bruce and Sandy are not moving to our house.  They bought a beautiful twin home in Eagan and our past small group girl, Jenna, and her friends are going to rent out the town home.  Perfecto!

Our new home…

3878 Canter Glen Lane 

Estimated move in…June/July 2012.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Shoe Obsession

Pants don’t really matter to these girls, but it is a must to have the right shoes to match the shirt.  I moved the shoes out to a stand so I didn’t have to keep cleaning up the bins of shoes they would dump everyday.  The girls change their shoes throughout the day.  Sometimes they put on the boys shoes or Brett’s and other times only put one on.  Amazing how infrequently the shoes are on the wrong feet.


The girls vocabulary has picked up.  Probably has something to do with their talking parrot habit.  Every time you say something they repeat it.  There are a few things that they still say the keeps us guessing what they want.  It is just amazing to see them do things that the boys are not even interested in.  For starters, of course putting on their own shoes, buckling themselves into the wagon, and undressing themselves.  The last one is pretty annoying right now, but will hopefully work in our favor when the girls potty train.  We have started taping Jossie’s diaper at nap and night time. 


They are pretty sweet, but Jossie has turned a little feisty when she wants something.  We carried her the whole way through the Burnsville mall kicking and screaming.  Like we needed one more thing to get us looks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Fox: Due May 2012

Last weekend I threw a shower for my friend Megan.  Megan is a long time friend from Lanesboro and I can’t pin point the age that we met, but I think it was probably around the 7-8 year old age range.  I remember some vague story about me telling her that she couldn’t be friends with a certain person and she had to be my friend.  Sounds a little controlling and unfortunately for those that know me would probably say a little accurate.  With that said it was the best decision Megan made in addition to marrying Mike.

With all the hosting responsibilities I didn’t get very many photos and I think I can thank Julie for a few…










So happy that Megan’s mom Jennifer could drive up from Lanesboro and that Judy was able to make it!  They were very proud Grandmas!

I have some maternity pictures of Megan.  Brought to you by PairSquared Photogaphy…

Mags Preggo Pics3

Mags Preggo Pics2

Mags Preggo Pics4


Dearest Mags,

What an honor it has been to be by your side through life.  Kind of been a crazy ride but totally worth it to see where we are now.  I can’t wait to meet little baby Fox.  I don’t hesitate in saying that you are bound to be one of the most awesome (and beautiful) moms.  I look forward to many family outings together filled with crying, diaper change breaks, and goldfish.  We have traded in our party hats for early bed times and early mornings.  I couldn’t have picked a better friend to do it with.

Love you always, MJ

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012


Church, Easter egg hunt, and lunch at Bruce and Sandy’s!

100_7280A's loot 3100_7262jocelyn


An added bonus was that Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Rick were able to join us.  It was a joint family event!!  Last year we did an egg hunt with the Lamon cousins, so this would have been the first year for the girls to get in on the egg hunt action.  Their loot consisted of marshmallows, fruit snacks, nickels, stickers, and socks.  It is just unfortunate that no one found the egg with the $20 bill in it.100_7263

100_7281boys loot-cute

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ethan and Bennett are 3 years old


Almost potty trained by the time they were 3.  We started their birthday with a trip to Annie’s studio to capture them looking one year older.  Afterwards we went to Chucky Cheese’s for pizza and games.  The week before we had a domino effect of fevers.  Unfortunately it was Ethan’s turn on his birthday so he took a snoozer on the booth bench.  We won some tickets and went home with a little loot (cheap plastic toys).


Ethan Lamon Scott

Weight: 29 lbs (21%)

Height: 36 inches (12%)





Bennett Lamon Scott

Weight: 29 lbs (21%)

Height: 37 inches (32%)



The boys are amazing!  We love to hang out with them and there is usually a little wrestling on the floor.  Their current favorite toy is the Cars Geotrax.  I think they have been playing with it for about 10 days straight.  We are still potty training….moved to cotton underwear for the day but have still not ventured out of the house without pull ups on.  They only get one chance in cotton underwear.  If they go in them then they are pant less for the rest of the day.  We are for sure making progress.  Can’t wait to spend more time outside with them.  Bennett is an inch taller which we guessed since he was able to use the pedals on his trike and Ethan still couldn’t. 

We are pretty lucky.