Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Potty Training Twins With Reinforcement


Yup, Grandma Cheryl is here.  Makes sense 2 kids on 2 adults.  I am sure you are excited to hear about our day.

The day started about 11am when Grandma arrived.  She quickly located her supplies (ie: pull ups and cotton underwear) and promptly sat Ethan and Bennett down to tell them that they would not be wearing diapers today.  They seemed ok with the news but things went quickly down hill.  After several pees on the floor, we had a face smash into the floor when I was running after Ethan to bring him to the bathroom.  This resulted in a screaming/cuddling session.  Due to the loud crying, i took me some time to realize why my stomach was all the sudden feeling warm.  I ran to the bathroom with Ethan held close so that the pee didn’t go anywhere other than my clothes but really it was too late and how do you put a child with a bloody, fat lip on the potty when they are crying.  Jocelyn was utilizing the potty at the moment anyway.  Jocelyn proceeded to roam the house and upstairs with out a diaper on which led Grandma chasing after her.  Bennett came to the top of the stairs where I was trying to reason with Ethan to let go of me so I could change, and at this moment I discovered Bennett had peed.  I took off his underwear, while still holding Ethan in my lap, and unknown to me a large lump of poop hit the carpet.  So I held the wet underwear and lump of poop and hoped that Bennett would not sit down on anything until mom finished with Jocelyn.  She chuckled at this one, but luckily didn’t hesitate to take the wet underwear and flush the brown ball down the toilet.  Back downstairs where I stepped in the spot on my living room floor that Bennett had decided to relieve himself.  Change my socks…and then get Ethan ready for a doctor’s appointment.  We returned and mom was surprisingly in a new outfit.  While reading to Bennett in the chair, mom got the warm and wet gift from Bennett.  The chair got it too, because later on this evening I sat down and quickly jumped out of the chair after I felt how wet it was.  We put Ethan on the potty and convinced him to sit there with a white erase board and markers.  I went back in later and LOOK….pee!!  We praised him and jumped up and down!!  Lots of high fives and of course some fruit snacks.  Ethan held it the rest of the night until mom put him in the tub.  Pretty sure a gallon of pee was added to the tub.  We had a few more messes with Bennett.  Grandma made him clean up one mess and refused to change his underwear for 5 minutes.  After that I sent her to take a nap.  I went to go get dinner tonight which is when Bennett had his last accident right in front of the refrigerator.  Watched him close the rest of the night, put him on the potty before taking a bath and LOOK….Poop!!  He said, “Look Mama, I did it!”  We sang a happy song, high fived, jumped around, fruit snacks, ran upstairs to tell Grandma the good news.  After bath time we put diapers back on and put them to bed early.

They were tired, but not as tired as us.


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Do the *clap* *clap* potty dance! Sorry that I have too much homework, or I'd come over tomorrow. Gee... darn, homework