Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potty Training Twins Possible Success

I worked tonight and this is what I came home to.


Mom was cleaning up toys as 2 naked boys played around her and on her.  Sorry Mom!  And I really owe her that apology because for those followers that are newer to my site this is not the first time that I posted a picture of my mother from the behind, but the second.  However, this time in my defense I added the shades to make her look younger and hipper. 

On to how our day went.  Kids up for breakfast.  They chose to put underwear on after their first sit on the potty.  I loaded up the girls to head to KPT and run a few errands.  I returned home mistakenly asking mom how it had gone…her response was “don’t ask”.  To say the least she had encountered a few accidents better known as messies in our house.  That is what Bennett tells us he did just after he leaves a wet spot on the carpet.  OK, back to the story…I was helping with Ethan’s melt down and asked if he pooped.  Why did I know?  Well because he smelled like it (a little smear left on his leg) .  Mom said they both pooped.  Ethan had a large one and she caught Bennett with a small one and got him on the potty.  It wasn’t until a little later that we discovered the remainder of Bennett’s poop by the front door.  Mom felt like she was cleaning up after a dog.  We were down in the dumps and trying to convince ourselves that it isn’t the end of the world if they don’t do it yet, but this was a difficult feat considering all the blood, sweat, and little boy tears that went into this.  It was after those last melt downs that we gave into trying to put underwear on them.  There was just too much confusion going from underwear, underwear off to potty, wanting a diaper, and giving an option of a pull up.  They were bottomless, well Bennett is the new Emilee and prefers the nude.  We rearranged the furniture to keep them in eyesight.  Couch blocked off the entry way, basement door closed, chairs both pushed against the walls.  We watched them like hawks!  We heard the pee hit the floor at lunch time and ran Bennett to the toilet.  I caught pee running down Ethan’s leg in the living room and ran him to the bathroom and he finished going.   We both saw Bennett stand straight up in the living room make a pee rainbow while keeping his eyes on his tv show.  We ran him to the bathroom and he finished.  Mom had to take a nap after this.  I sat on the stool in the living room facing them as they watched Kipper while they sat on a blanket on the floor.  I kept reminding them that they were not allowed to go on the floor while crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t have to grab a rag yet one more time.  Half way through Kipper they started bouncing around the living room and running around the kitchen island.  After one of the turns Bennett didn’t come out on the other side.  He had taken a detour and I thought for sure he went to the laundry room to hide and go pee.  I ran through the laundry room to the bathroom to find that Bennett had made his way to the bathroom and peed in the potty on his own.  VICTORY!!  Well, sort of.  We have twins HALF OF A VICTORY!  I continued to watch them, mom woke up and came downstairs.  Before I had even left for work Bennett had gone to the bathroom again on his own and Ethan also found his way to a potty and peed!  While I was at work it didn’t continue quite the same way, but one of my couch cushions never looked so clean.  Keep in mind that mom had 4 to watch so it gets tricky.  The night ended with snack time when Bennett quickly got down from his seat and ran past me to the bathroom.  Even though he left a small puddle in his booster seat I am counting that one as a success.

We are feeling like quite possibly Bennett might get this.  Tomorrow mom has the boys alone.  Good luck Grandma Cheryl and may the force be with you!

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Nanner said...

Reminds me of my first set. They were bladder trained by age 3, but not yet bowel trained. yet they wanted to wear undies, and I let them (even encouraged them). So we dealt with cleaning out poopy undies for a few weeks while they still figured it out! But at least the mess was more or less contained in teh undies! I've since decided that THAT kind of potty training only happens outside in summer LOL! The rest is just encouraging them and giving them opportunities - not to mention holding out things like sleepovers at Grandma's and Dance lessons as things only 'big kids who wear undies' can do! Good luck!