Saturday, March 24, 2012

Potty Training Twins: Doing Really Really Good!

Sorry that you are not getting yesterdays report until now, but Mom was kind enough to let us go on a date last night.  Mom’s report after work yesterday, she only had 3 accidents!!  They didn’t go at all in the AM and then shortly after lunch both did a #2 in their potty and the rest of the day there was high fives and fruit snacks.  Brett took them on a bike ride last night and I took mom on a much needed adventure outside of the house.  They did great the rest of the night.  This morning we have already had one success and we are off to swim lessons.

So sorry that this post is less exciting for my audience.  I know how you love to laugh at my expense.  We are sure to have many more disgusting and hilarious stories as the years go on and plus we still have to train the girls.  I see potty training for them in the near future!

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