Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Jane’s Jubilee: Souhrada Women’s Retreat

What an amazing weekend.  I was up past midnight every night and believe I accomplished more in 3 days than I would have otherwise accomplished in 3 months at home.  I loved every minute of it!!  My projects were all complete: 1 walking rope, 1 pillowcase dress, 10 bibs, 2 Easter hats, displays for hair clips, and 130 pairs of PairFect Legs!  I came, I conquered!

This weekend has been a 5 year tradition at a few different locations.  I think this location took our sewing hearts!  Along for the ride was Jane’s shoe.  Not forgotten!

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee7

In attendance:

Fav Cuz Suzie a.k.a. Quilters Glove

Weapon of choice: Bernina 830 with embroidery and new cutting attachment

Projects: Cutting appliques, wall hanging for sister in law, curtains for Ericka, crocheting a hat, embroidery with Grandma, giggling with MJ

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee4

Sister CJ a.k.a. Proactive

Weapon of choice: Mom’s new 8 series embroidery machine

Projects: Hand towels (she started them last year)

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee2

Sister Kelly a.k.a. Yoga Master

Weapon of choice: Bernina

Project: Quilt made from fabric that was purchased over past several years at Lamon summer vacation in Hill City

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee6

Aunt M a.k.a 31 Lover

Weapon of choice: Bernina

Projects: A very beautiful and quite busy quilt

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee5

Cheryl a.k.a Spooner

Weapon of choice: Bernina

Projects: A few from past years and one very stylish and incredibly excited jacket.

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee3

Grandma Cookie a.k.a Honey Cream

Weapon of choice: Needle, thimble, and a lot of seam rippers

Projects: Embroidered wall hanging and fixing all of our mistakes.

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee

We went to Lester Prairie this year.  It was incredibly beautiful and we had so much space.  Going back next year!  This year we were short some family and it ended up being all mother/daughter.  It was a special weekend full of tribute to Jane.  On Friday we had an indoor bonfire complete with a fabric ring.  We did in fact sing Kum ba yah.


Jane was definitely hanging around during the weekend…

2012.03.08 Jane's Jubilee9

Family Love


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