Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big boys get a queen bed

So potty training didn’t go so well, but this transition was pretty much a cinch.  Over a week ago we took down the cribs.  The girls cried a lot the first night.  I think they didn’t understand why there was no longer 2 extra cribs in their room.  The first nights they actually slept on their crib mattresses on the floor.  I had to go in each night because they feel asleep in the funniest positions. 

Night #1 – heads at the opposite end of the pillow


Night #2 – Bennett’s head in Ethan’s butt


Night #3 – was in their queen bed, we gave them projector flashlights.  After the first melt down because one didn’t work right Brett put them up high and they haven’t seen them since.



We have been fortunate that this process hasn’t been difficult especially considering how much we were encouraged to keep them in cribs as long as you can.  We ask them to go to bed and jump right in.  Before they would scream when we put them in their cribs and yell to get down.  Now they don’t cry.  I think it is because they know that they are not “locked” in.  They can get out of the bed if they want.  Yes, they have snuck out a few times, but go right back to their room when we tell them to.  They love their bed.  Often times when I can’t find Bennett he is up in his room up in bed trying to burrow under the soft blankets. 

Boys are still not napping, but still do fine with rest time.  I get an hour in the afternoon so I am ok with that.

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