Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Presidents Day Weekend–Go Souhrada!

Probably the best family gathering of the year!!  EVERYONE was there!

1DSC_0259_Grandma and Great Grandchildren

Grandma Cookie and her 18 great grandchildren


Want to know what it takes to get this picture….

2012 Presidents Weekend_4

This year grandma turned 23.  Gotta love leap year birthdays.  She is younger then all of her grandchildren!  You might want to sit down for this tid bit of information…..we did NOT bring our sewing machines this year.  Well one person forgot the new rule (not going to mention names) and Marcia said it was a trial run.  Brett commented on how it was a good thing no one was bringing their sewing machines because even if I wanted to bring mine it would not fit in the car.  The room was only filled with children screaming rather than the whirling of Bernina’s. 2012 Presidents Weekend_1    

2012 Presidents Weekend_2

2012 Presidents Weekend_3

2012 Presidents Weekend_5

Activities included swimming, the huge play land, a gym, family time, and 500.  Cards caused late nights and tired parents, but it was totally worth it! I love spending time with my cousins!  I hope that my children will be as close to their cousins.  Look forward to women’s retreat!

Grandma and her grandchildren!


Add in the significants (and a few children that could not separate)!

1DSC_0277_grandchildren & significants

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big boys get a queen bed

So potty training didn’t go so well, but this transition was pretty much a cinch.  Over a week ago we took down the cribs.  The girls cried a lot the first night.  I think they didn’t understand why there was no longer 2 extra cribs in their room.  The first nights they actually slept on their crib mattresses on the floor.  I had to go in each night because they feel asleep in the funniest positions. 

Night #1 – heads at the opposite end of the pillow


Night #2 – Bennett’s head in Ethan’s butt


Night #3 – was in their queen bed, we gave them projector flashlights.  After the first melt down because one didn’t work right Brett put them up high and they haven’t seen them since.



We have been fortunate that this process hasn’t been difficult especially considering how much we were encouraged to keep them in cribs as long as you can.  We ask them to go to bed and jump right in.  Before they would scream when we put them in their cribs and yell to get down.  Now they don’t cry.  I think it is because they know that they are not “locked” in.  They can get out of the bed if they want.  Yes, they have snuck out a few times, but go right back to their room when we tell them to.  They love their bed.  Often times when I can’t find Bennett he is up in his room up in bed trying to burrow under the soft blankets. 

Boys are still not napping, but still do fine with rest time.  I get an hour in the afternoon so I am ok with that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Readers

The girls have discovered the activity of reading.  By no surprise their favorite book is Please Baby Please (Thanks JC!).  We are going to have to replace this one because it is on its way to pieces.


Reading time is always interesting around here.  You never get only one kid in your lap, but at least 3 find you with the open book and when the 4th one wants in it gets pretty tricky.  I have started to read on my stomach from the floor so that they can lay around me and ALL see the book.  It is weird how no matter what they have to be touching me or it doesn’t feel like they are part of the activity.  I am not complaining.  I love their love for books.  I am pretty sure that sometimes 50% of our day the nose is in a book.

Ethan is a sweet reader!


And then silly!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Master Toyroom

Our room is making a really nice toyroom, but I will admit I am anxious to get the call from Slumberland that our bed is in!  I hope that Jackson doesn’t miss his luxury play space too much!



The house is still in disarray.  Toys are in 3 rooms, in the hallways, and basement.  I am really looking forward to getting things put back together.  It is an organizational freaks nightmare right now.  By next week things should be on the up and up.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Little Miss Chris Farley

I swear that when she puts her chin on her chest she looks just like Chris Farley.  She is kind of funny like him too!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Utensils not necessary

Jocelyn using her fingers instead of a spoon.

Aaliyah using Jack’s nuk to dip into her ranch sauce.