Monday, January 30, 2012


It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  Things have been moving along here.  I thought about blogging lots of times, but couldn’t get myself to do it.  I felt like I didn’t have all that much to say.  Wondering if maybe being home everyday doesn’t get me as excited about the new stuff or everyday happenings?  Since I see it everyday it sometimes feels like old news to me.  To say the least you didn’t miss a whole lot.  I will give you an overview of the pairs:

The big pair:


Ethan and Bennett continue to live and breath Diego and Dora.  They have found a new love for rearranging the cushions on my couch on almost a daily basis.  The biggest news is that over the past month we have realized that the easy days with them are over.  They are approaching 3 quickly and have decided to let us know it.  The first thing that has gone….NAPTIME!!!  If you look up naptime in a dictionary I am sure that is says something like: a quiet, solitude time during the afternoon that allows a mother of children to hear herself think, regain her energy, and get ahead so that when wake up time comes she is ready for round 2.  I am sure you will hear plenty more on the topic of turning 3 in many near posts.

The little pair:


Our sweet (and sometimes not) girls!  Their hair is still red and bite marks continue to show up on their backs.  Aaliyah and Jocelyn’s vocabulary increases by the day.  They can repeat us with ease and have started to learn animal noises.  We have gotten hung up with them thinking that a dog says “meow” .   Aaliyah knows Ethan’s name, but also thinks that Bennett’s name is Ethan.  On occasion you will hear Bennett yelling at Aaliyah, “No Baby, I’m Bennett!”  Aaliyah also knows her name, but also thinks that Jocelyn’s name is Aaliyah.  She didn’t get the memo that twins don’t have to share their name.  Books by far is their favorite activity of the day. 

This past week was not a fun one.  My niece gifted us the stomach flu.  Aaliyah was first, followed by the rest, and of course Brett and I were last.  It lasted about 12 hours for everyone except me.  I always am the odd one out and savored the nausea for about 4 days.  Nothing a trip to urgent care for IV fluids couldn’t cure.  It was a horrible week for me and a lot of work for my family.  I didn’t mention that Brett was out of town all last week which left me home alone.  Thanks to all of you that helped (Kelly, Sandy, Cheryl, Bruce, Paul, Rick)!!

This week we are back on track besides the fact that we have completely torn our house apart.  With the change in napping schedules there has to be some changes in our house.  I will write about them as they all shake out.

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The Bormann Family said...

If you attempt naps again, we recently started putting the boys in different rooms for nap time - and it helped a ton! But I would really struggle if we had to do it daily, anymore we are lucky to get in a Saturday and a Sunday. Your 1.5 of peace is probably worth it. I've been thinking about trying an audio book at night to keep them in their beds. It might be a bad idea too, hard telling! Love your story about the names!