Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas–ALL of them!

Brett got lasik on the 22nd of December.  I decided that night we were going to have our family Christmas.  The first present was flashlights.  Not the best gift hours after eye surgery.



We headed to Lanesboro on the 23rd.   We went to a tree farm on the 24th to pick up a Christmas tree.  An activity for the kids.  We thought it would be a good idea.

2011.12.24 Lamon Christmas

Didn’t realize that mom and dad no longer owned a tree stand so dad rigged one up.  The tree looked a little questionable, but they sure had fun decorating it.2011.12.24 Lamon Christmas_2

And of course there was presents!

2011.12.24 Lamon Christmas_3

We made it back to the cities for a Polson gathering on the 26th and Scott Christmas on the 28th!

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