Monday, January 30, 2012

Batch Blogging

I know that it isn’t ideal, but I am a batch blogger.  When I get the time to blog then I better make it worth it.  So this afternoon I have found some time away and the boys aren’t napping??  Hmm, seems odd.  Well, that starts me off with my first of many quick blogs.

So napping is over for the boys.  As of Sunday we stopped putting the boys in their cribs and locking them in their room to get some shut eye.  The reality is that they decided that they were not going to nap anymore.  Every afternoon they would chat and mess around until we finally we would go get them.  Some days they were so disruptive that the girls couldn’t sleep through it.  Having 4 kids without naps equaled a brutal evening for parents. 

One current move in the house was moving the boys back to their own room.  We debated on options for a bed.  We settled with giving them our bed. 


So there was just one problem, we don’t have a replacement bed.  So Brett and I are temporarily sleeping in the old toy room which will be the new boys room and the toys got moved to our room.  At night they are still sleeping with the girls.  Nap time has been reinvented as “rest time” which includes a chatty Ethan and Bennett reading books, looking out the window, and jumping on the bed.  Thus far it buys me about 1.5 hours.  I’ll take it!


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