Monday, December 5, 2011

YMCA–Swimming Lessons

Ethan and Bennett started swim lessons this fall. We got a membership at the Y. It is clear that they love to play and jump in the zero entry level, but getting them to swim was a little different story. It started kind of like this…


But with a great swim instructor (Melissa), 2 parents, and one uncle we have gotten to this…

IMG_6168_boys in tubes


We are almost at the end of round 2 swim lessons. We also enrolled the girls. The fear of water does not live within them either. I feel like there tends to be a lot of screaming and hitting. Thank to Melissa. She is a sweet heart and really understanding of children.

Here is a video of the boys after they finally got that they could get around the pool on their own in the black tubes.  It is kind of long.

Thanks to Bruce for going their last day and taking pictures for us!

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